Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Long Time Ago...

The brand new Dark Horse comics reprint compilation "Star Wars Omnibus: Wild Space" hit the book and comic store shelves yesterday. Why am I mentioning this?.... well back in the late 1990s I just happened to collaborate with comic book legend (and pal) Ken Steacy on a couple stories that were originally serialized in Star Wars Kids, a Scholastic, and then newsstand, magazine. Ken did the rough layouts, and I did the finished pencils, the rough lettering and half of the inks (Ken inked the humans, I inked the ships, droids and hardware).

Those very same stories are featured, along with tons of other hard-to-find Star Wars comics going back to 1978, in this great volume. Check it out!

And here's one of our original pages of art from the series before the colors were added for good measure...

One day in the future I'll write about the other 64 page Star Wars mini-comic, and the eleven Star Wars kids books I collaborated or assisted Ken with during the same time!

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