Monday, August 27, 2012

Blast from the Past!

                                                                  Click image to enlarge

Diggin' through the vaults at has unearthed these quick and dirty design roughs for a 1970's tribute band t-shirt I did a while back. I enjoyed being limited by the white ink on black shirt, and had fun groovin' on the early 70s feel. My favorites are the car designs, but they didn't reflect the band as well as some of the others.

The eventual band choice was the solid white lettering only design  (#6 counting top to bottom left to right), which I then took to a final tight pencil, and then hand inked before reversing the image for the final camera-ready (do they still call it that?) art. But the band changed their name / format before the shirt ever got printed (I think).

Keep on Truckin'!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh Man!

It's been an incredibly gruelling last couple months at World Headquarters. A very labour-intensive job has just wrapped up (I think - revisions are always a possibility) and it was actually a treat to get outside today and trim the shrubs in the yard.

Despite the work-load I was able to fit in a couple jobs in during approval wait-times, and pictured above is one of them there aforemetioned projects. Ardent Concepts Inc is a great company from the East Coast who specializes in "interconnect technology solutions", serving a lot of high tech industry types.

They had the great idea to advertise their company via trade publications, both print and online, in the form of a superhero newspaper comic strip. I've had a lot of fun working with them on the first two monthly spots, and look forward to the upcoming instalments. Pictured above is episode #2, "Ardent Ohm Man Saves the Day!" It's been a hoot reaching back to my fan-boy past to do comic style work again,  although my kid's book work definitely shows though as well.

The version above has some aged paper effect included, as well as a signature, which didn't make the final cut for the ads. But I'm happy to say the half-tone style colouring passed muster and made it to print. Enjoy!