Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Hoot!

Little did I know in the way-back timey of nineteen and seventy-eight, as a doodling ten year old reading the adventures of the Mighty Mites in a then year-old nature magazine OWL, that I'd be drawing funny pictures for that very same publication (and it's sister mags Chirp and chickaDEE) as a grown-up artiste in the far-off 21st Century. I also didn't know that we still wouldn't be using our personal jet-packs to commute to work, or that bouncing 1978 baby boy Ashton Kutcher wouldn't go on to head the unified One World Government, find the cure for dandruff, and be the first person on Mars (not including the 6th Dimensional Glarg People of Kranulus IV, of course!)

But who did?

So to celebrate 8 years of OWLish work the fine folks at OWLKids kindly arranged, despite their knowledge of such an extraneous occasion, to publish a timely Halloween puzzle spread (click on the detail above, if you're still reading this) by none-other than yours truly.

On newsstands now!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shape Up!

The latest issue of Know, The Science Magazine for Curious Kids is now on the stands and in mailboxes across North America. This time around the theme is "Shapes and Patterns", and my regular Know Fun puzzles and games section features a retro shape-inspired video game motif that I sneak-peeked you all about recently. Check it out now before it becomes a collectors item!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Late Summer Smoothie!

Things have been very busy around the assembly floor of Mullaly Industrial Heavy Illustration Arts Manufacturing Concern Ltd, LLC, Pty, BMOC, ICUP lately! First a month and a half of late nights working on magazine spreads, book covers, educational posters, character disigns and more! Then lots of August and early September fun activity outside the studio. The result?...

A lack of posting! So I thought I'd throw everything into the Waring Art-O-Matic Pulverizor 3000 and blend up a tasty smoothie of Glen art previews featuring a bit of that recent work. More info on these as they are released!