Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh Man!

It's been an incredibly gruelling last couple months at World Headquarters. A very labour-intensive job has just wrapped up (I think - revisions are always a possibility) and it was actually a treat to get outside today and trim the shrubs in the yard.

Despite the work-load I was able to fit in a couple jobs in during approval wait-times, and pictured above is one of them there aforemetioned projects. Ardent Concepts Inc is a great company from the East Coast who specializes in "interconnect technology solutions", serving a lot of high tech industry types.

They had the great idea to advertise their company via trade publications, both print and online, in the form of a superhero newspaper comic strip. I've had a lot of fun working with them on the first two monthly spots, and look forward to the upcoming instalments. Pictured above is episode #2, "Ardent Ohm Man Saves the Day!" It's been a hoot reaching back to my fan-boy past to do comic style work again,  although my kid's book work definitely shows though as well.

The version above has some aged paper effect included, as well as a signature, which didn't make the final cut for the ads. But I'm happy to say the half-tone style colouring passed muster and made it to print. Enjoy!

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