Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sneak Peek!

Hey everybody... at tomorrow's Ultimate Toy and Hobby Fair in Victoria B.C. I'll debut the first of my new Art Cards, small baseball card-sized original paintings available to take home for an affordable price. I had a lot of of fun, and learned a lot from doing these over the last couple days. It's great to get the gouache paints out again and am looking forward to working on a few more tomorrow at the show.

I'll also be showing and selling my brand-new oversized prints on Sunday, something I've had in the works for a year now. The first batch are themed versions of some existing smaller prints that I've always wanted to do larger. In fact, they work much better at 13" x 19" (or thereabouts) than they do at 8" x 10". By popular demand I'll have for sale oversized copies of my "45 Adaptor" photographic print that has made the rounds of the internet over the last few years.  All these prints are on museum quality, acid-free heavy paper, or rag and the quality is really amazing! I can't wait to concentrate more on new prints as soon as possible.

For everyone who can't make this awesome show (sort of a cross between a collectable toy show and a comic-con) look for these these and more at the newly revamped online store to be unveiled later this week. See you in person or online!

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