Friday, September 16, 2011


We had 17 entries to our Fan-Choice Art Print Giveaway Contest Thingy!TM, and out of the the 13 eligible entrants (the others were in some way affiliated to this here blog), a name was drawn randomly from the official prize draw fez with great (okay... moderate) fanfare. And that name you ask?


Yay Brad! I'll be contacting you shortly (or you can contact me) for your mailing address and print choice, and very soon indeed the first official Glen Mullaly print will be hot off the press / printer / mimeograph machine thing and winging it's way across the vast distances of time and space to you!

But how, you ask, did my print votes stack up against other folk's choices in the second part of this exercise? With the able assistance of the accounting firm of Mullaly, Boo & Mullaly, and lead tabulator-chartmaker Joanne we have our results...

I was quite surprised with how the voting turned out for a few of the illustrations (Super Teacher had previously been requested as a print, and I thought that Arcade would have been near the top), but now that the peanut gallery has had your say it helps me decide the 6 or 8 prints that I'll make available in the first batch. Of course now the hard work of painting and stocking the online print store will begin in earnest (Earnest, Cayman Islands that is. The local business taxes are less there). Look for our big grand opening announcement here in the next few weeks - and thanks again to everyone for taking the time to vote!

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