Friday, February 21, 2014

Star Wars!

Hey... did you know that Star Wars Omnibus: Wild Tales Vol. 2 is in better book and comic books stores (and as a Kindle eBook and through online booksellers, of course) now?! 

Thanks to my pal, Schuster award-winning comic book artist Ken Steacy, I co-pencilled, co-inked, and assisted in the coloring of 7 of the 8 comic book vignettes that make up the "Podracing Tales" section of this great new trade paperback!

As a Star Wars fan from way back in '77 it was fun to be able to work on these comics, alsong with the others we did together (published in Star Wars Omnibus: Wild Space Vol. 1, out now as well!) and nearly a dozen Star Wars children's books for various publishers that came out in late 1990s. 

If you or your kids are Star Wars fans be sure to check out these great compendiums of hard-to-find Star Wars comics!

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