Monday, June 4, 2012

Hero Up!

I've just received my copy of "Hero Up!", a great non-profit community outreach / charity fund-raising project Rodale Books put together earlier this year that I had the pleasure to be involved with as the illustrator. It's basically a hardcover book- comic book style storybook written by Zachi Telesha, a brave 5th grade student from Pennsylvannia who's fighting cancer for the fourth time. His wish to be an author came true with this awesome book.

Ace Rodale art director /designer Chris Rhoads, who I worked with on the Joey Green Pet Care book, brought me in on this and I had a lot of fun channeling (okay - ripping off) Jack Kirby and Bruce Timm for it. My childhood / teenage wish was to be a comic book artist (as told here), so it was a lot of fun to help out. Chris did a bang-up job on the design - love those inner covers!

At this point the book isn't available to the public, but if that ever changes I'll let you know!


  1. It is a beautiful, well-done book. Great illustrations!

  2. Update March 2012: The softcover version of this book is now available as a fundraiser for the Angel34 organization, who raise money to support those with childhood cancer, at the following link...

  3. Thank you for all your work. We will cherish your work for the rest of our lives. It was easy Zachi's favorite accomplishment of his life.

  4. I heard about Zachi's passing this morning and I can't say how sorry I am. All my condolences and good thoughts are with you and your family. I was proud to be associated in my small part with the project - hopefully it will live on as a wonderful remembrance of Zachi and an inspiration for others. - Glen