Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Sale!

HI! - I'm CRAZY GLEN from CRAZY GLEN'S ILLUSTRATION EMPORIUM here to tell you about the wacky deals and super savings during our FACTORY AUTHORIZED 2011 FINE ART PRINTS AND ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATION SALE!

Come on down to our lot at the corner of Etsy and Web before the end of the year to partake in prices so low I should have my head examined! Like this little 5" x 7" beauty below - one of our most popular models - with factory paper undercoating and rack and pinion ink: Normally a steal at only $12 - now with dealer rebate... an unbelievable $8!

Or howzabout this find, an 8" x 10" favorite only looked at by a little old lady on her way to church on Sundays. Regular price a stunning $20, but with your trade-in coupon code "HOHOHO2011", this scientific sweetie can be yours to take home for an incredible $15 down, no money a month!

The 2012 models are on their way, and we've got to clear everything out to make room! So don't delay, act today - come on down... and be sure to tell them CRAZY GLEN sent you!

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